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    San Juan Pools started in Seattle in 1958 with the introduction of the one-piece fiberglass pool. Since then it has become the largest manufacturer of one-piece fiberglass pools in the nation, with distributor builders throughout the country. In 1969, the first offices were opened in San Diego. In 1978, San Juan/Quality Fiberglass Pools was the first company in California to offer both fiberglass and customized cement pools. Almost 30 years later, San Juan/Quality Fiberglass Pools is still the only San Diego company that installs both customized cement pools and fiberglass pools. Traditional cement pools allow you the freedom to design and work with more variable terrain and custom features. Fiberglass is more expensive, but they are stronger than cement, impervious to algae, do not require resurfacing, and are more cost effective to operate. Also unique to our company is our water treadmill exercise jet systems. Whether you want a customized cement pool, fiberglass pool, or a jet system pool, every one of our poolscape designs are a personal plan adapted to your style and family needs.

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