Types of Stepping Stones in San Diego

When you’re planning on doing the job yourself, first of all, take a trip to your local hardware store. You’ll most likely find just the stone you’re looking for in their garden department. There also may be books available that will guide you through the process. Or if you’re computer savvy look online and there are numerous sites that will have pictures and descriptions of the stepping stones available, and how to install them.


The next step that should probably be the first step because you’ll need to prepare the area where you want the stones installed. That may require some hard work as you will first need to remove the amount of dirt or sand so the stones will fit nicely and be perfectly level. If you lightly wet the area, you could also use a carpenter’s standard chalk line reel to snap a straight line across the damp sand. That will give you a line to follow and the path of stones will look like a professional installed them.


One of the styles will be natural stone, and the most popular are sandstone, slate and flagstone because they are easy to cut and fit into specific areas. They fit into every landscape design and do-it-yourselfers actually prefer working with them. 


Another type of stepping stones that have gained in popularity is stone pavers. They come in interlocking varieties and are economical compared to the natural stone alternatives. Normally they are made from concrete and are usually pre-cast to fit together without any problems. Even the most novice handyman can install them.


There are a few tips for those who plan to do the work themselves. Instead of wearing gloves, you can buy athletic tape at your local drugstore. Wrap the tape around your fingertips and the tape works well to save them from becoming raw as you work with stepping stones.


Another problem that may arise is what to do with the dirt that you’ve removed. You can advertise free dirt; ask your neighbors if they need a small amount of dirt; or put up a sign in your yard. There are also companies that want free dirt and may pick it up.


Whatever type of stepping stone material you decide on, after it’s installed your yard will have a finished look. You do have an alternative. You can always hire a professional to do the work for you, it will cost a bit more, but you will save your back, and it may be well worth it. 


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